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bcBudCube Cultivation Systems USA

A Cherubim Interests, Inc. Subsidiary

mmjBudCube Cultivation Systems USA has developed a proprietary controlled environment cultivation technology aimed at helping cultivators of legal medical and recreational cannabis, as well as other plant species, meet rising market demand. Coupled with the real estate development and property management business model of parent company Cherubim Interests, Inc., BudCube is able to offer prospective cultivators quick entry into the rapidly expanding cannabis cultivation market at a price point that is extremely attractive when compared to traditional construction solutions.

BudCube’s business model is unparalleled in the cultivation industry. Cherubim Interests will own and develop each property, while BudCube will construct, deploy and lease turn-key cultivation systems to tenants. The company plans to offer both single tenant ‘macro’ solutions and multi-tenant ‘micro’ solutions to meet the unique needs of both established and upstart cultivation operations. As demand for medicinal and recreational marijuana continues to climb in legal markets across North America, this strategy is expected to provide an opportunity for Cherubim and BudCube to promote considerable financial growth. In the future, the company also expects to apply its innovative licensed technology to other market niches in order to better address global food shortages and rising concerns about the origins of fresh produce.



BudCube is currently preparing to launch its beta test facility in Oregon with initial plans in place to expand via land acquisitions and pre-leasing programs into additional areas where medicinal or recreational cannabis cultivation is legal. With rapid state-by-state legalization initiatives concerning medical cannabis currently underway throughout the country, BudCube stands to benefit greatly as more and more market participants seek to gain entry into this thriving industry.


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The BudCube Advantage

In the cultivation industry, time is money, and it’s in this area that the BudCube cultivation model is vastly superior to traditional construction models.


By utilizing one of BudCube’s turn-key cultivation solutions, growers can start producing crops (and revenue) faster than ever before!

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