Texaplex Advantage

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texaplex_triangle1-300x278Texaplex refers to the highly populated triangular region in Texas that is outlined by the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in the north down to the Houston metropolitan area, over to San Antonio and Austin, Texas. When David Winans coined this descriptive term, he also intended that it capture and carry a passionate enthusiasm that would inspire and excite a nation about an incredibly influential region in the great state of Texas.

To truly grasp the power of the Texaplex, consider that of the 24 million people residing in Texas, 4 out of 5 live in the defined triangular region of the Texaplex. This concentrated population has the largest population growth rate of any state in the U.S., and is expected to be home to an additional 14 million people in 2030 thanks to a booming economy and low cost of living. In fact, each Texaplex city was listed in Forbes’ top five list for ‘Best Big Cities for Jobs,’ and were all also featured in Forbes’ top ten ‘Best Cities to Buy A Home’ and ‘Best Bang For the Buck Cities.’ Although united, each city offers its own unique economic and cultural attributes.

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